Read with us.

This is a great way to be connected with what happens around Wings of Refuge, Inc., and with our partners. See through the eyes of a variety of authors that have joined our mission in giving life to children around the globe. Read their experiences, put on their shoes, and allow yourself to be stretched and encouraged through what they see.

Through the Lens

When that blue gate opens in Perneir my heart smiles. Behind that blue gate is a home that is familiar, it’s a home of joyful dance parties, of lessons learned, it’s full of unique voices, smiles, sweet giggles, it’s an intentional home of many families that have become one…

Just the Beginning

We didn’t know what to expect. We didn’t know if two families would show up or 20 but we knew there was purpose and value in what we were doing. We had been talking and praying about connecting with the biological families of the kids at the home for over a year…

Back to Haiti

Taka joined a team from Powerhouse Christian Church (Wyckoff, New Jersey), and after his week in Haiti and a few days at the Children’s Home, this is what he wanted to share about his experience…

My First Trip to Haiti

Carmen joined us in Haiti with a team from Powerhouse Christian Church (Wyckoff, New Jersey), and after her week in Haiti and a few days at the Children’s Home, this is what she wanted to share about her experience…

Christmas Presents: A New Way

Every Christmas, we give our family of Sponsors the opportunity to send a Christmas present to the child they sponsor. Our sponsors are amazing. They give generously, send letters, ask how they can help, and some even visit the Children’s Home in Haiti…

Sarah's Sponsorship Story

Sponsoring Djoulie and Narcisse has been the pleasure of my life! Whenever I think about them and what is happing through Wings of Refuge Children’s Home, my heart just wants to burst! I decided early in 2014 to sponsor Djoulie…

Connecting Kids through VBS

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of being involved in Powerhouse Christian Church’s Vacation Bible School as a crew leader for the second year in a row. Every morning for five days, I led my crew of Kindergarten through third graders throughout their stations…

Revive and Renew

Last month Pas, Manmi Pas, Lynny and the staff at Wings of Refuge Children’s Home went on their first staff retreat. There were no distractions, there were no screaming children, there was no rushing to get dinner on the table – there was just the here and now… community.

Veggies for Days

On Saturday, the Wings of Refuge Microfarm became a reality. As Harvest107 pulled up their trucks, the kids all gathered around staring and excited for what was to come. They wanted to be a part of it. They wanted to take ownership of what was to soon be theirs.

A Partnership with Harvest 107

In 2013, I started Harvest107, so that kids in developing countries can have access to fresh, nutritious foods. One way we do that is through partnerships with communities, orphanages, and children’s homes. Harvest107 brings urban gardening to developing countries with our unique microfarms.

Briana's First Trip to Haiti

This January was my first time ever going to Haiti. Preparing for the trip, I didn’t  really know what to expect. Questions ran through my mind: was it going to be run down? Was I going to fear for my life? The list goes on…some negative and some positive.

Stephanie's Story of Sponsorship

Since my first trip to Haiti and visiting Wings of Refuge Children’s Home in January 2013, I felt a desire to spread the word about all the exciting things that were happening there at my home church, Powerhouse Christian Church.  I wasn’t really sure what that would look like…

A Day at the Home

Having been to Haiti eight times and to Wings of Refuge Children’s Home a countless number of times, I can tell you – a day in the life at the Home never gets boring!  A typical day starts around 6:30am (whether you want it to or not).