A few of the finest people we know...

Our Sponsors come from all over the world to give life. From different backgrounds and in different seasons, they all have made the mission of Wings of Refuge Children’s Home a part of their life’s mission. Read what they have to say about it.

“It blesses us more than it could ever to be a blessing to Fadelin. To know that we are a part of changing his story…”
Mike & Nikki Godsil
Fadelin's Sponsor
“Simply stated – we believe in, invest in and support ministries pursuing excellence. We have seen this first hand in Wings of Refuge as we have evidenced the impact of our time, talent and money through the amazing growth of the family of children and leaders being raised in Haiti for Gods glory and use.”
Bob & Juliann Aman
Jaunise's Sponsors
“…a tangible way of meeting real needs and providing hope where it may not have otherwise been. Our family is part of a much larger, much more substantial family than just five people living under one roof.”
Matt and Jennifer Inman
Jean Widson's Sponsors
“As sponsors of many children over the years, we considered it a no-brainer to love Dada. It is our way of giving back to God’s people wherever there is a need. It gives us the satisfaction of knowing we made a difference somewhere in the world. “
Jasper & Judy Gay
Darvensley's Sponsor
“I sponsor Stevenson because we have developed a family-like bond. I love watching him succeed and walking alongside him. I am so proud of the Godly man he is growing up to be.”
Mikala Karvellas
Stevenson's Sponsor
“We are blessed to sponsor Melissa knowing that this will enable her to have a safe and loving environment where she will receive a Christian education. We were drawn to her because if we had a daughter, we had picked the name Melissa! God is good!”
Russ & Barb Glissman
Melissa's Sponsors
“We love sponsoring Djoulie, getting to watch her grow and knowing she is so well cared for and loved. We are thankful we get to make a small deposit into her life and get to see what big plans God has in store for her!”
Amanda & Addy Gregory
Djoulie's Sponsors
“We started sponsoring this beautiful little girl that we saw a picture of because we heard of her need. We keep sponsoring her because we see the everlasting investment Wings of Reguge has in her life!”
Peter & Hannah Aman
Pouchina's Sponsor
“Sponsoring Clifford not only allows us to help provide for his physical needs, but it enables us to be a part of God’s amazing story in Clifford’s life. Sponsorship is also a great opportunity to broaden the world for our three children.”
Matt & Katie Goodman
Clifford's Sponsor
“Adoption is something that has always been on our hearts. Our family is formed by it. Supporting children through Wings of Refuge is just another version of adoption. Their pictures are up in our house. They are part of our family.”
Duane & Teena Oliver
Jean Widmy & Ketina's Sponsors
“I can remember being at the Children’s Home for a week during the summer and seeing how precious every belonging is to the kids. It is an honor to support a group of children who are appreciative of not only the material things they are able to receive, but also the moments they are able to share with each other and the WOR Staff.”
Ben Cottingham
Clifford's Sponsors
“Sponsoring Narcisse is a humbled honor. Having been to Haiti with WOR, I have seen the amazing care and education this fantastic organization is providing for these wonderful children. It is a privilege to play this role in Narcisse’s life.”
David Simnick
Narcisse's Sponsor