This is who we get to come alongside.

Roger Wilson and Gladys Charles had a dream in their hearts to open a home for children. After the earthquake in January of 2010, with the support of Wings of Refuge, Inc. they decided they would step out in faith and open a home for children. They rented a small home, hired a director, two caretakers, and a cook, and began.

Roger Wilson and Gladys Charles also pastor a Church in Petion-Ville, Haiti and support four other churches throughout the country. They have five children and one sweet granddaughter, Cassie, who is a requested visitor at the Children’s Home.

The all-Haitian staff is lead and employed by the Founders and Director of the Home, Lynny Charles. They work together to ensure that the children are cared for, loved, and equipped for what is to come.

Roger Wilson and Gladys (Pas and Mamni Pas to the kids) with Patrick, Naelka, and Fadelin.