Giving life with intention.


What began as a home for seven children in need of a place to stay and food to eat has become a family of 34 beautiful children, 15 hard-working staff members, and over 95 committed sponsors. What was started to meet a need that we could see has become a source of hope for Haiti. While this organization was formed in order to support Wings of Refuge Children’s Home, we are expectant about what God will do through us in the days to come. We exist to connect people to opportunities that give life to children by partnering with locally-led movements in Haiti. We do not need to lead it. We do not need to initiate it. We see our job as strengthening, supplying, and supporting what God is already up to through those that are on the ground in Haiti.

We’re a family.

By becoming a sponsor with Wings of Refuge Children’s Home, you become an intimate part of a child’s life by providing for their care. You become one of their biggest cheerleaders, a dear friend, and someone that is all theirs. You become family.