Give life to children in Haiti by partnering with locally-led movements.

We believe passionately in partnering with organizations, Churches, and communities who are giving life right where they call home in Haiti. We believe the best way we can see the hope of Jesus Christ offered to a community is to come alongside these local movements, supporting those leading solutions in and for their community. It is simple and something we are still learning how to do. Our vision is to give life to children in Haiti by partnering with locally-led movements.

While this organization was formed in order to support Wings of Refuge Children’s Home, we are expectant about what God will do through us in the days to come. We exist to connect people to opportunities that give life in Haiti through coming alongside locally-lead movements. We do not need to lead it. We do not need to initiate it. We see our job as strengthening, supplying, and supporting what God is already up to through those that are on the ground in Haiti.

Wings of Refuge Children's Home

Wings of Refuge, Inc., partners with Pastor Roger Wilson Charles and his wife, Gladys Charles, in seeing Wings of Refuge Children’s Home give life to 34 children. Since our vision is to come alongside, we respond to the needs that we see through supporting the local work of the Home; instead of leading the way on the ground in Haiti, we strengthen, supply, and support those leading the way in Haiti.